Who’s ready to rock IPAH3?

Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3 is closing in fast with less than a week until the jaw-dropping event! And look at you with your ticket secured, leather, lace, and feather boa set aside.
For our veteran IPAH-ers, congrats! You’re about to be generously rewarded for your patience in the year you waited for this to return… 
For our IPAH virgins, welcome! We’d love to tell you that you’ll be handled gently and eased into it, but we’d likely be lying. We will tell you that you’re in for an unforgettable evening… and there’s a bar.
Here are the important details so we’re all ready to rock come next Friday:
7340 E Indian Plaza
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Directions to Radius
Doors open at 6 PM (secure a seat & get your drink on)
Show starts at 7 PM
-Valet is available, and we’ve requested they arrive early for our event.
-Galleria Garage: located on N Wells Fargo Ave, between E Stetson Dr and E Shoeman Ln
-Stetson Lot: located on E Stetson Dr, east of N Wells Fargo Ave
Parking Map
Tip: Construction in the area has closed the alleys connecting Shoeman Lane and Indian Plaza; therefore if you park in the garage or lot, you’ll need to walk north along either N Buckboard Trail or N Saddlebag Trail.
You absolutely must have a scannable ticket to gain entry to IPAH. Either bring a printout of your ticket, or make sure it is loaded on the Eventbrite app on your smartphone if you use that.
Can’t use your ticket?
If you can no longer attend the event, don’t worry, several people are already posting on the IPAH Facebook page in need of tickets. You can either respond to them, or post how many tickets you have available, and the best way to contact you.
Tip: you may need to click “Highlights” under the cover photo and then “Posts by Others” to view existing ticket posts.
(un)Dress Code
If you’re wondering about the dress code, stop – there isn’t one for IPAH. The whole ‘private event’ thing means we pretty much get to do as we please! So feel free to wear whatever you want.. from work suit to birthday suit and anything in between. Furry costume? Pasties & vinyl? Neon fishnet? Ass-less chaps? Bring it on.
Food & Drink
Both the pizza kitchen and the bar will be open at 6PM, making it a great time to get there early, unwind from the week, and kick off the festivities in IPAH style!
Radius is a nightclub, so IDs will be checked at the door. Also, there is very limited seating where you can see the show. Seats are first-come, first-grabbed, so we suggest wearing some comfy shoes for both the show and sticking around to dance it up afterwards!
Slideshow Karaoke is back! Sign yourself up, or better yet talk an After Hours virgin into signing up – they’ll love it!
We don’t record presentations at IPAH, and neither should you. While you may see our photographers taking photos during presentations, they should be the only ones.
There isn’t an official after party, but the club opens to the public at 10PM, so you can stay and shake your booty until 2AM (thankfully you’ll be wearing those comfy shoes we talked about)!

Announcing the speakers (and tickets!) for After Hours #3!

We’re terrible, really.  We taunted you for a year with the lingering memories of After Hours #2, of dick crocheting, sex toy evolution, slash fiction, and a whole lot more.  Then we teased you for a month with submissions, posting tidbits of things you might hear and see on July 27th.  In the past week, we’ve made you wait in suspense for us to unveil the presenters for After Hours #3.  And we’ll still make you wait until Saturday to buy tickets!

Luckily, we always deliver the goods…

We received 40 submissions (big thanks to every brave submitter, especially those eager-beaver multi-submitters), a record count for an After Hours event!  From those 40, 14 were selected.  In no particular order, your Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3 presentations:

  • Imagine there’s no Heaven – the beauty of a Godless life – Joe Affirmty
  • VAGINA – Msss. Champion
  • With A Little Lust, Drugs & Pixie Dust. – Christina Chapman
  • 8 Sexy Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Burlesque – Jazz Corsette
  • From Mormon Missionary to Agnostic Manwhore – Noah Dyer
  • Bucket List-Paint Playmates at Playboy Mansion…Check – Mark Greenawalt
  • A funny thing happened on the way to the abortion clinic – Oden Hughes
  • Pr0n in the Valley – Beth Hutchens
  • How a Dom/Sub relationship really works – Meghan Krein
  • Medicare Plan D (for dildos): A penetrating look at todays active Senior community – Matt Micheletti
  • Humor: The Salsa in Your Sex Life – Ernesto Moncada
  • Twilight is fucking a lot of things up – Samantha
  • Sodom & Gomorrah – Anal sex isn’t taboo! – TheFabulousOne
  • Bears & Cubs & Otters, Oh My! – Josh Yeager

If you know a presenter, congratulate them & show them some love – if submitting (and agreeing) to speak at an event like this were easy, you’d all be jamming the submission page like you do for tickets!


Speaking of which… tickets go on sale Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday, July 7th, at 10:00am.  Set your alarms for reminders (yes, that’s plural, set a few).  Every show, several people wait or forget, and it’s a bummer when the event sells out.  So maybe bookmark the IPAH ticket site now, huh?  You’ll only be granted entry with a scannable ticket, so print it or get the Eventbrite app for your smartphone.

Remember to check the After Hours Facebook page for all the latest & greatest – we look forward to see you all at Radius on July 27th for another unforgettable evening!

Check out the very NSFW submissions for Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3!

Submissions are now closed for After Hours #3, and we have quite an interesting list of topics to choose from! We received everything from sex techniques to personal stories to multi-million dollar cars!

The After Hours crew is going to be working this weekend to try and pick 14 topics that will make the lineup, then start contacting everyone who submitted. You can expect to see the lineup ready this week because tickets go on sale next Saturday, July 7th, at 10:00am!

Submissions for Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3…

You want to WHAT!?
Presenter C.A.Sizemore
Biography I am published on Kink and Alternative Sexuality, I write Science Fiction & Fantasy. I need more hours in the day to read. I am a bisexual free range kinkster with a strong geek fetish. I live in a polyamorous marriage with my wife and her other husband, 3 teenagers, a dogs and 6 terrapins.
Description I am a very kinky person. In my five minutes I will explore the hows and whys of real kink. Why it turns my crank and how to find what turns yours. How to be as safe as possible while having the hottest sex you can imagine. I am talking about the rainbow of real sex between consenting adults.
Why we want to be spanked
Presenter Meghan Krein
Biography As the Fascinations Love Expert, I have a thorough knowledge of intimacy accessories and as a clinical therapist, expertise in relationships and sexuality.
Description One thing the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey” can tell us is that some of us just want to be spanked. How did this turn from childhood punishment to arousing sex play and why is it so hot?
The psychological beneifts of oral sex
Presenter Meghan Krein
Biography As the Fascinations Love Expert, I have a thorough knowledge of intimacy accessories and as a clinical therapist, expertise in relationships and sexuality.
Description Oral sex is physically gratifying, of that we have no doubt, but there are psychological benefits to this intimate practice. Arm yourself with these tidbits to inform your lover!
How to ease into anal sex
Presenter Meghan Krein
Biography As the Love Expert for Fascinations, I have a thorough knowledge of intimate accessories and practices, and as a clinical therapist, keen insight into relationships and sexuality.
Description This often taboo sexual act isn’t something you just jump into. Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable provided you work you way into it. I will talk about the best steps to getting yourself and your partner comfortable, both physically and mentally, for this new erotic adventure.
How a Dom/Sub relationship really works
Presenter Meghan Krein
Biography As the Fascinations Love Expert, I have a thorough knowledge of intimacy accessories and as a clinical therapist, expertise in relationships and sexuality.
Description Learn the truth about the power play in a dominant/submissive relationship and some common practices including predetermined limits and safe words. You may be surprised who’s really in control.
The history of the vibrator
Presenter Meghan Krein
Biography As the Love Expert for Fascinations, I have a thorough knowledge of intimate enhancing products and as a clinical therapist, a deep understanding of the psychology of relationships and sexuality.
Description Not many know much about the history of one of our most popular products: the vibrator. From rumors of Cleopatra to Victorian England to 70’s porn to Sex and the City, it has a interesting evolution that I find fascinating.
Snow White: more than just my favorite Disney Princess
Presenter Stardust
Biography I’ve always been the good girl, but I’m not immune from a closet of skeletons… Embracing them before my frenemies do!
Description I was introduced to cocaine at 22, and instantly began living a double life. For two years, blow was my salvation. It made me feel ‘normal’, like a functioning human being. That realization changed my life for the better.
We’re all sooo special, and it’s totally screwing us.
Presenter Underscore
Biography I’m a former Catholic school girl, George W used to be my homeboy, and I’m fortunate to have a life-long Princess complex. Â Convinced I should oversee sterilization for the masses. Â Also contemplating ways to exile the far left and right wings to a deserted island to battle it out, for my entertainment.
Description American society has always cherished individuality, but we seem to have taken it to an extreme that makes legislature, as a nation, nearly impossible. Individuality requires responsibility, government requires conformity. As a society and as a nation, we’re at odds with ourselves.
Bugatti Veyron — the Ultimate Machine
Presenter Robert Simyar
Biography Softcore Adult website owner and dentist. Owner of several exotic cars, experiencing all sorts of driving experiences from the track, road, and top speed events. Achieved 258.3mph in the Bugatti Veyron. ‘Infamous’ for the Lambo 219 and the Bugatti 225 videos.
Description The Bugatti Veyron is more than meets the eye — even though its 2+ million, it can do things that no other cars can. Besides the top speed and horsepower, its unnatural stability at speed, road courses and support technology make it worth its 5 million build cost. As an owner and driver, there are unique featurenot reviewed by the auto media.
Adult Website Owner/Photographer
Presenter Robert Simyar
Biography Still a practicing dentist, but my real workload is through www.ftvgirls.com. A softcore adult site, I do all the shooting, editing, webmastering, updating etc..
Nearly 10 years in the business, a lot of experience in photography, web design, and managing an adult site.
There are no employees, so my net income is very high, but work nonstop
Description The principle of being able to run a complete operation without any added help or employees — a website that is completely supported by one person. Mixing photography, videography, and webmastering skills to create a site that generates significant revenue.
What You See Isn’t There: The Kuleshov Effect
Presenter Ashley Naftule
Biography A poet, playwright, performance artist and improviser, Mr. Naftule is a man about town, a fan of foreign movies, loud music & Surrealist art. He has spoken at Ignite Phoenix (using note cards) & at Ignite After Hours #1 (and forgot his entire presentation 2 minutes into it). He’s hoping the 3rd time is the charm.
Description Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov performed a series of film experiments that showed how often our brains fill in blanks without even noticing that they’re doing it. The Kuleshov Effect has been used to fuck with people ever since, used by Hitchcock, propagandists and the porn industry. I’ll explain what it is, how it’s been used and show examples.
Humor: The Salsa in Your Sex Life
Presenter Ernesto Moncada
Biography A published author of novels, short stories and poetry; also an actor, director and playwright of Arcana Collective; funding member of the bilingual improv troupe Los Subtítulos; stand-up comic and variety show host; a visual artist with a BFA in Graphic Design; and a former high school teacher, now he’s a student advisor for an on-line college.
Description Forget about porn, pills, drugs, drinks, dildos, leather whips, chains and swings, your sex life can be improved (or saved!) with the right dose of humor in too-exposed-for-comfort contexts! Finding laughter in one of the most serious of human activities is both personally liberating and so much fun it’s almost addictive. Free your sexual buffoon!
Unlock Your Inner Spanish-Speaker
Presenter Ernesto Moncada
Biography A published author of novels, short stories and poetry; also an actor, director and playwright of the Arcana Collective; funding member of the bilingual improv troupe Los Subtítulos; stand-up comic and variety show host; a visual artist with a BFA in Graphic Design; and a former high school teacher, now he’s a student advisor for an on-line college
Description Every American living in a state neighboring Mexico is exposed to so much of that country’s culture and language on a daily basis, that most folks from these parts already understand and probably could speak Spanish without being aware of it. This inner Spanish-speaker can be unleashed with a little help from a certain irreverent Mexican comedian!
Black Guys FTW!!!!
Presenter TheFabulousOne
Biography I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for almost ten years. I am a divorced hornball going through menopause at 41. I’m hyper-sexual. No, really.
Description My first sexual encounter with a black man was 12 years ago. He is an Olympic bobsledder and won the gold. I like to think it’s me.
From an Olympian to a rapper, I’ve dated every kind of black man you can think of. Why?I’ll tell you why!
Sex After Sex Abuse
Presenter Erin Michael Starr
Biography I survived 2 years of sexual abuse at the hands of a family member. It took four rounds of therapy to come to terms with my abuse and be a functioning adult, but I still have to deal with the aftereffects of my abuse on a regular basis.
Description When you’re forced to perform and endure sex acts as a child, it fucks with your sex life as an adult. I have to deal with flashbacks, random uncontrolled shaking, and the dreaded question of if and when to disclose to a new partner that I was abused. What may be a standard sex act for you is a varsity level sex act for me.
Imagine there’s no Heaven – the beauty of a Godless life
Presenter Joe Affirmty
Biography Grew up Roman Catholic in a home filled with images of Jesus and Christianity. Later studied world religions through college, and after exploring multiple faiths I ended up rejecting them all to become an atheist. I don’t try to talk people out of their beliefs, but I don’t think they’re necessary.
Description Many people can’t comprehend a world without God. How would we know right from wrong? Is death really the end for each of us? The answers aren’t scary – they’re empowering. Put away Jesus, Mohammed, and Krishna, and I’ll explain why living without imaginary magical beings makes the world a far more beautiful, breathtaking place.
How to not get arrested for prostitution
Presenter “Tessa”
Biography I am a recovered drug addict and former prostitute. I worked in the adult industry for 14 years doing everything from stripping, low budget porn, to escorting and eventually got a prostitution charge. I had to serve a mandatory minumum of 14 days at TENTS County Jail. Today I have ten years of sobriety and out of the industry.
Description I thought it would be funny to discuss the law, that you cant actually perform a sex act on an undercover police officer, and that all you have to do to get a prostitution charge is make a verbal agreement to perform a specific sex act for a specific amount of money, ending with the best way to not get charged is to not do it!
Pr0n in the Valley
Presenter Beth Hutchens
Biography I’m an Intellectual Property & First Amendment Attorney that represents clients in the adult entertainment industry.
Description Addressing the alleged exodus of the adult entertainment industry from Southern California to Arizona in response to the LA City condom ordinance. The talk will address myths, fears, and most importantly will provide guidance for those in the industry that are already here or thinking of breaking into the adult world in Arizona.
A funny thing happened on the way to the abortion clinic.
Presenter Oden Hughes
Biography At 15 I accompanied my best friend and rape victim to a local abortion clinic for moral support. What we encountered trying to cross the picket line prompted a lifelong commitment to support and defend women’s rights as a patient protector and intake counselor. I’ve been spit on, threatened, attacked and inspired by every patient to do more.
Description What do you really know about abortion? The realities of the reasons, demographics, economics and procedures have been twisted again and again to meet various agendas. I’ll dispel some myths, share my experiences as a defender and a woman, and explain the tried and true method to prevent them that no one wants to talk about.
“Quit ye like men”
Presenter andrewknoc
Biography I know a man who owns the biggest handgun money can buy, just because he can. My paternal grandfather, the man I respect more than any other, taught me about true masculinity: it’s not about what you have, it’s about what you do, and how you do it. I don’t live up to his example, but maybe I can relate his story.
Description How I judge men wasn’t taught to me by braggadocio, but by example. My grandfather was an incredibly selfless man, and one of the most quietly masculine men I’ve met. He was principled, self-made, self-disciplined and self-contained. This talk is about how men today care about possessions and image over character and conduct, and why that’s wrong.
Bears & Cubs & Otters, Oh My!
Presenter Josh Yeager
Biography I am 41yo gay man who’s been a member of the bear community for about 16 years. Polyglot, agency principle and co-founder of Boston’s infamous Bazaar Bizarre Punk Rock Craft Fair — when I’m not working on digital media, speaking in tongues or making junk art shrines, you’ll find me out & about with a bevy of bears, bear admirers and big boys.
Description Organized around an ursine taxonomy of bears, cubs, otters, polar bears, pandas and more — the bear subsculture has roots in the 1980′s AIDS crisis and exists today worldwide as a lifestyle for many. I’ll be your hirsute sherpa guiding you through a mesmerizing menagerie of masculinity, flannel and facial hair. Rawwwr!
Twilight is fucking a lot of things up
Presenter Samantha
Biography I enjoy writing, reading, the sound a tea cup makes against a saucer, standing in lines, and dissecting social behaviours. I’m a people watcher extraordinaire, and am prone to smiles and laughter.
Description Edward stalks & psychologically abuses Bella. She let’s him dictate her self worth & life choices. She jumps off a cliff to hear his voice. Oh, & a character commits suicide because she can’t be a proper woman & bare children? How society is allowing this book to direct the gender & relationships roles of our youth? Why are we letting this happen?
Presenter Msss. Champion
Biography Msss. Champion is a woman about town, rabble rouser, justice lover, sustainability guru, mama and Mistress of Publicity at Champion PR + Consulting. She was the Producer/Director of the 2012 Phoenix Vagina Monologues and loves to say the word VAGINA.
Description There has been a lot of news lately focused on the VAGINA. I’ll demystify the word VAGINA by giving you 15 beautiful VAGINA facts – some which may surprise you! This will *NOT* include a show and tell segment.
Why Being A Good Girl Is Bad For You
Presenter Jana Knapp
Biography Jana is an avid fan of geekdom, good books, and single malt scotch. Her hobbies all focus on connecting people who are doing awesome things with the larger community. A former nonprofit fundraiser, she now works in digital advertising and builds organizational infrastructure and processes. She’s the mother of a sassy eight year old girl.
Description Were you told to be a good girl growing up? What did that mean? Did you try to fit the mold of modest, selfless, demure, pure, and rule-following good girls for fear of being labeled a bitch or a slut? Trouble is – those bitchlike qualities – those are the ones that get you places. Let me show you how being a good girl is bad for you.
Medicare Plan D (for dildos): A penetrating look at todays active Senior community
Presenter Matt Micheletti
Biography First Friday Night Live Castmember, stand-up comedian and occasional digital pirate. I explore the depths of humanity through my own mistakes and by eavesdropping on hushed innapropriate bar conversation.
Description Todays vibrant senior citizen community is no stranger to this generation of pharmaceutical wonders and enigmatic boner pills. However, in an age of green technology our silver-haired residents are learning to arm themselves mentally, physically and sexually. An initiative for a more vibrant and well-“armed” senior community.
With A Little Lust, Drugs & Pixie Dust.
Presenter Christina Chapman
Biography In another life, I was a dancer and parade performer for Disney. I may have been caught wearing a princess dress, tutu or even incognito in a Poo Bear costume. Today, I am still a character in my own right with a whole lotta stories!
Description An underground look into the Magic KIngdom with accounts of brow raising scandal by an Ex-Disney Princess.
A’s to Addict and back
Presenter Greg Essenmacher
Biography A 41 yo recovering addict and alcoholic who has been to hell, and it’s even hotter than Phoenix. Spending time giving back for this second life is what I love to do. Telling my story of insanity is a big part of that.
Description Once a straight A student, by 32 I was tweeked out on Meth running from the police down the off ramp of I10, crossing to the medium with traffic whizzing by at 65 MPH. Got tasered, tackled and thrown in the back of the cop car. Want to hear more?
Bucket List-Paint Playmates at Playboy Mansion…Check
Presenter Mark Greenawalt
Biography I have loved creating art since childhood, but about 12 years ago I took it to a new level when I started painting on beautiful models. I dabble in many other art forms including singing and songwriting, photography and filmmaking, and in my professional career I am an engineer and lighting designer. And lastly, I love sci-fi/fantasy imagery!
Description I want to share the thrill of getting the call to go to the Playboy Mansion to body paint lingerie on Playboy models and then the euphoric feeling of actually being there. A slide show that goes behind the scenes in the make-up room, then into the world famous grotto, and some shots of the final photos of beautiful models wearing nothing but paint
8 Sexy Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Burlesque
Presenter Jazz Corsette
Biography By day, I’m a word nerd working in corporate America. By night, I’m a hip-thrusting, merkin-wearing, Peggy Lee-crooning, pole-spinning, wig-wearing burlesque artist with Scandalesque. Double lives are fun!
Description Who would’ve guessed that taking off your clothes onstage could be so educational? For the past two years, I’ve been the student of a rather unorthodox classroom. Burlesque has taught me more about life, love, and sex than anything on the planet ever could. Sharing is sexy! Come into my classroom and let me show you what I’ve learned…
What it’s like to be on a reality show
Presenter TheFabulousOne
Biography I am a super-famous stand-up comedian, socialite and super model. I am on a reality show.
Description From the moment of its inception, my reality show has drawn in, literally, dozens of people glued to every episode.
What’s it like being followed around by cameras every day? It sucks.
From Mormon Missionary to Agnostic Manwhore
Presenter Noah Dyer
Biography I’m not a role model.
Description I was the former, and am the latter, and will explain how that happened.
Why Dove Charney, Charlie Sheen, and the Like Are My Heroes
Presenter Noah Dyer
Biography I’ve never masturbated, drunken alcohol, or had a brain freeze.
Description It’s easy to make fun of fabulously successful, narcissistic, sex addicted, druggies. But I believe they have redeeming qualities. Perhaps you will be persuaded.
Poor Man’s Rap
Presenter Noah Dyer
Biography I’ve been likened to every single boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw.
Description If you want to hear 5 minutes of rap lyrics like, “You know my wallet be 3 inches thick, but it ain’t got no money, just …” then you want to hear this presentation.
My Fetish with Vanilla Sex
Presenter Noah Dyer
Biography I haven’t read 50 Shades of Gray. I gather that I’d be be Christian Gray’s nemesis. You can call me Agnostic White if you like.
Description It’s almost certainly because of my puritanical upbringing, but for me, sex doesn’t require great endurance, flexibility, appetite, or creativity. It’s an opportunity to connect, and, in my experience, simple positions and ideas work best for that.
Sodom & Gomorrah – Anal sex isn’t taboo!
Presenter TheFabulousOne
Biography An expert in the art of sex, always spreading (HA!) the word.
Description As with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Hear an explanation of both ways, with tips to make it an incredibly enjoyable experience.
Lez Be Honest
Presenter Lisa Aragon
Biography Life-long digital marketing professional with a boisterous attitude, occasional prickly demeanor and gooey heart. I live in hyperbole, thrive on cascades of media consumption, the wonders of nature, good whiskey and quality time with my partner and canines.
Description What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Have the answer? Then you’re ready to explore the dynamic world of a lesbian. Let’s face it, women are masters of secrets and contradiction. Deconstructing lesbianism often requires stamina, diagrams and a head lamp. For one night only, we’ll examine the deep dark mysteries lurking in the sapphic depths.
Satan – Not as bad of a guy as you might think
Presenter Joe Traffimry
Biography Raised Roman Catholic, later a student of world religions, with an endless fascination for the darker aspects of the mystical beings we’ve called gods.
Description Whenever there has been a god, there has been a force of chaos to confound him. Known by Loki, Set, Lucifer, and a thousand other names, he has often been a trickster or opponent, but only recently has he been seen as Evil. Get to know the Devil a little better and you’ll find he’s not so bad after all.
Got Me Some Wine…. Bitches Love Wine
Presenter Bueno Wayno
Biography I’m a new boy to the greater Phoenix area. By that I mean, I’m looking for reasons to find it greater. I just came from the bluest of the Blue (San Francisco) I’m embracing the reddest of the Red. The Valley of the Sun is a LIVE desert…cool! Just tryin to find my place among the non-native plants, the non-native people, and cosmetic surgery.
Description A heartfelt plea for all of us who love wine to defend our right to enjoy it’s pleasures on our personal terms, and NOT to be too influenced by the sea of pretentious, douchey, snobs / idiots…. who just love to take the fun outta wine. Just because you’re savvy to Kendall Jackson Chardonnay… doesn’t mean you should act like a pretentious bitch.


PUKE…. Valentine’s Day
Presenter Bueno Wayno
Biography Seriously?…… I’m too lazy to re-write my bio again. Cut and Paste from my first submission.
Description It’s pretty early to be talkin ’bout this but……Valentines Day…PLEASE, leave with Columbus Day, and don’t let the door hit ya in the ass! I figure now’s a good time to mention this cause it’ll leave enough time for the notion to really sink into the heads of all women; even the blondes that have let the blonde really soak into their brains.
Know Thyself
Presenter Ben Patch
Biography I am 36 years old and have an amazing wife and two beautiful children. The rest seems to change without notice.
Description After years of believing that I knew who I was mentally, emotionally and sexually, I discovered that that guy was a mask I put on for polite company– and I was miserable without even knowing it. Suddenly I find that I may be someone else entirely, and he’s a hell of a lot more fun.

IPAH3 – Six Weeks & Counting!

Oh Phoenix, you make us so proud!  While we’ve been busy prepping for Ignite Phoenix After Hours, you’ve been busy submitting topics.  Have you seen the latest submissions?  We’ve got burlesque, a local reality show star, a vanilla sex fetish, the inside scoop on Satan, an anti-snob wine snob, the secret world of lesbians, and a whole lot more!

Medical Love by Simon Pais

Medical Love by Simon Pais

So, where’s your submission?  We know you flirt with controversy, dance on the dark side, and filter yourself in front of grandma.  Get the wheels turning in those pretty little heads of yours, there’s something worthy of a rockstar submission lingering in your psyche.

It doesn’t have to be about sex, drugs, or rock’n’roll (although welcome), it can be about anything.  Seriously, anything. But let’s keep the hate speech and sales pitches out, just because, well, they’re buzz-kills.  And while you’re thinking about your topic, writing your bio and submission, ponder who else might make for an incredible submission.  Then share the info with them – remember, sharing is caring, people!

Inspiration doesn’t happen on command, so head over to our IPAH Facebook page and check out recent discussions to get those creative juices flowing!  Posts in the past week have ranged from body modification and the gay bear community to medical marijuana and regulating human reproduction.  Join the conversation or start one of your own.  It may not be what you ultimately submit on, but you just might trigger an exhilarating idea.

Why the push to submit?  Because the true dynamic of Ignite Phoenix events is in the diversity of topics and speakers.  You all are what make it unforgettable.  It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it; sharing your genuine passion and fascination with a crowd of people excited to hear about it.  Ignite Phoenix After Hours is your chance to educate and stimulate – jump on it!

Important dates to add to your smart phone or old school calendar:


Fasten your seat belts, Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3 is coming!

Plane Crashes & Love Messages by Simon Pais

Plane Crashes & Love Messages by Simon Pais

We’ve teased you for a year, but it’s finally here: the third installment of Ignite Phoenix After Hours, our main show’s risque big sister.  After Hours starts where Ignite Phoenix ends, taking shared passions and quirky obsessions to a whole new level…

You’re still going to get that awesome exchange of ideas, opinions, hobbies, and interests that Ignite Phoenix is all about; we’re just spicing it up!  It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay.  You’ll hear (and see) things that will blow your mind, fluster you, or even rattle those precious opinions of yours.  If you’re into that, even better, we’d love to have you!

Just like Ignite Phoenix, presenters still get just 20 slides and exactly 5 minutes to share their idea on stage, but now the topics can venture into the R to XXX ratings. This show is strictly for the 21 and over crowd.

You’re wondering what you’re going to submit on, aren’t you? Don’t worry you naughty minx, we’ve got you covered!  Those thoughts that you filter and refrain from sharing on conference calls, at PTA meetings, and with the grocery store clerk?  Start there and tell us instead (hey, we’ve all got a dark side).  It doesn’t have to be about sex – but anything unusual you do, anything controversial you believe, or any bizarre experience you’ve had are perfect. And because we naughty minxes stick together, we do not record presentations or require real names… something about not leaving any evidence?

So stop lollygagging and submit your talk idea to After Hours!

Then block out the night of Friday, July 27th, and prepare to terrorize Scottsdale:  we’re taking over Radius again!  Doors open at 6:00 PM, and the feisty festivities start at 7:00 PM.  To stay up to date on submission deadlines, ticket sales, and selected presentations join our IPAH Facebook page and RSVP to the Facebook event, or simply subscribe to our blog.

Let your hair down and grab a cocktail.  Better yet, grab two and double-fist it: this is After Hours we’re talking about!  It’s racy, controversial, and will get your blood pumping!