IPAH3 – Six Weeks & Counting!

Oh Phoenix, you make us so proud!  While we’ve been busy prepping for Ignite Phoenix After Hours, you’ve been busy submitting topics.  Have you seen the latest submissions?  We’ve got burlesque, a local reality show star, a vanilla sex fetish, the inside scoop on Satan, an anti-snob wine snob, the secret world of lesbians, and a whole lot more!

Medical Love by Simon Pais

Medical Love by Simon Pais

So, where’s your submission?  We know you flirt with controversy, dance on the dark side, and filter yourself in front of grandma.  Get the wheels turning in those pretty little heads of yours, there’s something worthy of a rockstar submission lingering in your psyche.

It doesn’t have to be about sex, drugs, or rock’n’roll (although welcome), it can be about anything.  Seriously, anything. But let’s keep the hate speech and sales pitches out, just because, well, they’re buzz-kills.  And while you’re thinking about your topic, writing your bio and submission, ponder who else might make for an incredible submission.  Then share the info with them – remember, sharing is caring, people!

Inspiration doesn’t happen on command, so head over to our IPAH Facebook page and check out recent discussions to get those creative juices flowing!  Posts in the past week have ranged from body modification and the gay bear community to medical marijuana and regulating human reproduction.  Join the conversation or start one of your own.  It may not be what you ultimately submit on, but you just might trigger an exhilarating idea.

Why the push to submit?  Because the true dynamic of Ignite Phoenix events is in the diversity of topics and speakers.  You all are what make it unforgettable.  It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it; sharing your genuine passion and fascination with a crowd of people excited to hear about it.  Ignite Phoenix After Hours is your chance to educate and stimulate – jump on it!

Important dates to add to your smart phone or old school calendar:


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