Submissions For After Hours #6

Here are the talks that have been submitted so far for the upcoming Ignite Phoenix After Hours #6!

Submissions are still open if you have your own idea – submit your talk here!

How Saying No To A Porn Star…Twice, Taught Me How to Love Myself and Others.

Presenter: Sarah Paz

Biography: It is my conviction that if we do not love, care for, and forgive ourselves, we cannot love, care, and forgive others well. Loving yourself is highly misunderstood, when in reality, caring for ourselves, forgiving ourselves, empowering ourselves, and loving others, all are the pillars to loving ourselves in a healthy and whole way!

Description: I was contacted by a famous porn star twice, to perform with him. By turning him down, I learned what it means to love myself, empower myself, care for myself, forgive myself, and love others.

My vasectomy,

Presenter: Marc anthony richi

Biography: Nothing matters. But I crave attention and I’m told I’m hilarious.

Description: My vasectomy and other violent blessings in bad fake mustaches.

Resilience & Other Things I Learned in the Psych Ward

Presenter: Chris Morris

Biography: I spend my time writing and speaking about how to balance faith and difficult times. I have both mental illnesses and chronic illnesses, but I’m learning to thrive anyway. I’ve never been good friends with normal, but I’m well-acquainted with disappointment and pain. It is out of this place of pain and faith that I find hope to move forward.

Description: Many people would be ashamed to even admit that they were in a psychiatric ward, but don’t count Chris among them. He recognizes that he’s learned lessons during his two visits to a mental health facility, and he learned them from his fellow patients, the physicians, and God himself. He learned what it means to be resilient, how to invest in himself, and how to lean into community to find health and wholeness. Be inspired to grow in your walk with God and in your community through this talk.

Ageism- Do not go gently into that good night!

Presenter: Rick Howard

Biography: I am tired of society deeming us old, archaic and without value. We bring a lot to the table by way of experience and wisdom.

Description: I want to discuss ageism and ways to fight back so society does not seem you archaic and outdated. I am 64 years old and work full time and am currently resurrecting my acting career from the 80’s and embracing my age and this time of my life

Strategic Energy

Presenter: Asylum

Biography: I am a Nationally Certified Counselor who owns a corporation to improve corporate culture, and a nonprofit that increases mental health access. As a neurodivergent person, psychology didn’t make sense to me until I started turning the pseudoscience into diagrams and math that really adds up. I want to bring mental wellness into tangible realms.

Description: We only have so much energy to expend or invest? Are you sending yours in the direction with the highest ROI? Let’s talk how to math our way to optimal experience.

Stoned Ape: A Story of Grief and Psychedelics

Presenter: Stuart Preston

Biography: I am a grieving father, a Stand-up comedian, and an advocate for decriminlizing psychedelics. The goal of this talk is to break the stigmas around mental health, grief, and psychedelics.

Description: The Stoned Ape Show is about my experience with grief and as a Stoned Ape, awakened by the entheogenic powers of medicines known as Psychedelics. Built around a Stand-up comedy show, this straight talk presentation will help you see these ‘drugs’ as medicine and to relate to my story of grief, mental health, and transformation. It’s how I learned to heal WITH my grief, not FROM it.

Non-monogamy: The Perils and Pleasures of an Alternate Lifestyle

Presenter: Brooke

Biography: I have been practicing Ethical Non-Monogamy for nearly 8 years. I run a local Meetup group to build community and provide educational opportunities for our members. My heart has been broken, bruised, shattered, and also I have experienced deeper love and meaning than I ever expected. I am also a secular Buddhist practitioner.

Description: “Non-monogamy is a great concept until people get involved” (-August Perigrine) There are many reasons to practice some form of non-monogamy. You will deepen your relationship with your human self, learn about communication, boundaries, consent, and what love *actually* means. Due to our societal programming, the stories we tell ourselves, and our intense desire to connect to one another, there are also opportunities for heartbreak and misunderstandings that surpass a monogamous life.

It’s time to PUMP it UP: it being your penis!

Presenter: Ryan Daniel

Biography: I have been in the adult industry for 12 years and the things that I know about penis pumps will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s such an important topic – that me and my business partner constantly get sent dick pics to us by men who need help and have questions. It’s a very important topic that always gets swept under the rug.

Description: Ever since Austin Powers tried to convince us that – SERIOUSLY – it’s not his bag baby – people have been penis pumping in secret. What many consumers do not know is that some of the greatest med spas in the world sell packages that often include a premium pump. We are so focused on medication and supplements to cure even mild symptoms of erectile dysfunction; many if combined can easily be fatal. It’s time to pump it up and talk about what’s so great about it and why people do it.

All Lubed Up – And Nowhere To Go!

Presenter: Ryan Daniel

Biography: I have been in the adult industry for 12 years; brought my wife in to the business as well. In my time I have run product development for a lubricant manufacturer – ISO compliant – FDA approved facility – I have a lot of interesting things to share with this audience. Everyone can be kinky – it’s okay; even straight laced married folks!

Description: I represent a brand that is creating and innovating on products specifically made for the kink and lifestyle market; we are talking about an all-in-one dungeon that’s made of steel and completely modular. Are you a dom whose at home and realizes that their next client is 6’4” – you could lower your work bench by removing the expandable legs. Consumers everywhere are talking about making their own dungeon at home – because adult consensual sexual privilege is amaing – and we’re here to help.

I’m Not Your F*@#cking Grandma: The Unfiltered 60-Something

Presenter: The Geezer Proofer

Biography: We live in a youth-centric culture, filled with Insta influencers and wannabe tech bros. Women over 50 (even those of us who were C-level execs and pioneers of technology) are often treated like old Geezers (or simply become invisible and unemployable). I am helping to break the stereotypes and build more intergenerational work and social circles.

Description: We’re not all dry. We don’t all drool. Just because I’m 66, I don’t need a walk-in bathtub and frequent laxatives. I know how to use technology, speak quickly, and hear clearly. We need to start changing perceptions of older women and look at our own biases and how the media is marketing to people >50. This is a rawer version of my Ignite talk at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and will be more personal and lifestyle-oriented.

Sympathy for the Devil

Presenter: The Long Ranger

Biography: I believe The Satanic Temple is a good organization, with some of the most upstanding, open-minded people driving it. I’d like to dispel some of the misconceptions and fear mongering. Hail Satan!

Description: The Satanic Temple has performed good works ranging from community volunteering to buying feminine hygiene products for low income women. They’ve challenged laws restricting freedom of religion and speech. I’ll share why this Satanic group isn’t really the evil group you might get from the name.

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