Get your fancy tickled at Ignite Phoenix After Hours

It’s about that time to let your freak flag fly high and proud. Ignite Phoenix After Hours is quickly approaching, and you know what that means?! Share your dark passions, your abnormal fetish, your… well whatever! We are proud of our diverse history of awesome speakers from War Veterans reciting spoken word poetry about grim combat experiences to a self proclaimed Cenpho Aquarius talking about anal sex. We know that each and every one of you beautiful people have an equally beautiful story to tell and we want to hear it. It’s still not too late to submit a talk…

Here’s a preview of some current submissions that may tickle your fancy…



This is just a small sample of the amazing submissions we have already. If you are interested in any of these topics or wondering what other awesomeness may ensue, then join us on Friday November 11th at The Grand in Downtown Phoenix at 7pm (more info here See you soon!

Ignite Phoenix After Hours coming to The Grand – Downtown Phoenix

The Ignite team has been busy the past few months scouting a variety of locations to hold the next Ignite Phoenix After Hours. After much debate and consideration we have settled on a venue in Downtown Phoenix called The Grand. Located at 718 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004, we feel this will be the perfect place for our upcoming event. Stay tuned as our search for awesome stories starts to heat up and don’t forget to save the date… November 11th, 2022 @ 7pm. Don’t forget to subscribe to start up-to-date with the latest info…

We’re baaaaack!

Yup, you heard that right! We are dusting off the gear, firing up Zoom, and bringing the team together to bring back Ignite Phoenix After Hours this fall! We don’t have a solid date or location yet but I can assure you that we are working hard behind the scenes to get this fired up. Once we have more solid info, we’ll be posting updates so don’t forget to check back often. Stay tuned and stay curious!

Who’s speaking at IPAH #5? These people!

We are excited to announce the people who will be speaking on November 20th at IPAH #5. Now, some people use an alias, and we encourage that, so please just have fun with it. We do!

Tickets go on sale right here on November 7th at 10am sharp. They WILL sell out, so get them quick.

Photo courtesy of Devon Christopher Adams

Photo courtesy of Devon Christopher Adams

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Topic Presenter
Good girls don’t talk about bipolar BadAss
The Second Sentence. Life after Prison Frantz Beasley
Remote intimacy: The other side of a sex cam Bianca
Caring for Tulips: My Journey in Cunnilingus Cat Gets Your Tongue
BDSM & The Law Don
Puppetry For Adults Stacey Gordon
Holy…Holes, Batman! Superheroes Are Sexy! Russ Kazmierczak, Jr.
Cinder – Where Online Dating Burns in Hell Msss. Champion
From bad to better… operating a dispensary Staci Scholl
Love Hurts Dr. E. Spengler
Truth to be untold – money, politics, or black gold? Tom
Weed: You don’t have to smoke it to cure what ails ya! TheFabulousOne
DMT: The Dream Molecule Tgaps
The best place to have public sex in Saudi Arabia Veeds of Arabia
Beyond the Dick Pic: CAT (Cock Aptitude Test) Professor Violette Z.
I have Tourette’s and it Fucking Sucks Whiss

Tickets go on sale this Saturday! Details announced shortly.




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re off!

The submission deadline was this past Friday, and we spent Saturday morning judging. No, not judging the submitters. That’s not our style. What we DO do, though, is go through every submission we receive. We know we want the event to be awesome, since so many people wait for it every year. While we wait for those chosen to confirm, you can see all the submissions here: IPAH #5 Submissions.


Tickets! Getcher tickets!!! Tickets go on sale this Saturday, November 7th, at 10am. Here’s the deal: these tickets sell out realllllllllllllllly quickly. As in…a half hour. So, you’re going to want to be ready on Saturday to purchase them. If you don’t get a ticket, don’t fret! Often times, people will buy tickets, won’t be able to use them for whatever reason, and post them on our Facebook Page to sell.

In the meantime, keep November 20th open. You do NOT want to miss IPAH #5. Trust us.

Event details are here. See you soon!