Check out the spectacular speakers for After Hours 6!

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When you ask people to talk about the things they often don’t get to share in public, you never know what you’ll get.

Turns out the answer is that we got an incredible range of topics that were a mix of funny, moving, and deeply personal. We had very tough decisions to get things down to our final 14 talks.

And here they are – the lineup for After Hours #6, which covers everything from body shaming to penis pumps, and meth use to Satanism; you’re not going to want to miss this!

The After Hours 6 Talks

  • Are you an exhibitionist or kinkster? If not, do it! Life is too short not to be you!
  • Fuck my body
  • How Saying No To A Porn Star…Twice, Taught Me How to Love Myself and Others.
  • How To Know If You’ve Joined a Cult
  • I’m Not Your F*@#cking Grandma: The Unfiltered 60-Something
  • It’s Time to PUMP It UP: It Being Your Penis!
  • Laughing into the Barf Bucket of Life (Or, Ayahuasca is a Hell of a Drug)
  • Meth Masked My Autism From Me
  • Non-monogamy: The Perils and Pleasures of an Alternate Lifestyle
  • Not Even Liberace Would Put Up With This Shit!
  • Sympathy for the Devil
  • The Arizona King Bed
  • The Art of Urban Harvesting
  • Yes, Your Vibrator Can Be Your Therapist

Get your tickets fast!

Ignite Phoenix After Hours is Friday, November 11th, at 7pm at The Grand in Phoenix.

Tickets go on sale via Eventbrite on October 12th at 10am and we expect it to sell out!

The next After Hours is coming November 20, 2015!

Someone pointed out that we never updated this site after the last Ignite Phoenix After Hours wrapped up. It just took a while for all the charges to get dropped, the craziness to die down, and for us to be allowed back into the country. Or maybe we just forgot in all the event fantasticness…

After Hours #4 was a blast, and we’re doing it again on November 20th. We will be returning to The Mint, too, because they handled us oh-s-ell last year. This site and our Facebook page are the places to watch for details. We hope to see you there, and thanks for supporting Ignite!


Ignite Phoenix After Hours #4 – Submissions due October 10th!

(cc) MrAnathema Photography

(cc) MrAnathema Photography

What’s your secret passion? Everybody has one, and we want to hear yours.

Ignite Phoenix After Hours is the big sister show to Ignite Phoenix. It uses the same 5 minutes/20 slides format you know and love but this is your opportunity to let your wild side show through. Regular Ignite Phoenix is an all-ages show so the topics have to be PG-13 or cleaner. At After Hours, there are almost no limits (except no sales pitches!). This is where we talk about taboo topics, use profanity, and graphic images are allowed on the screen. You can talk about sex, drugs, religion, death – whatever revs your engine. Perhaps you want to talk about how to pick the perfect condom, the history of curse words, what it’s like to be an ex-cult member, or what it takes to transform yourself into a drag performer.

Ignite Phoenix After Hours #4 will be on Friday, November 14th at 7pm at The Mint in Scottsdale. This is an adult show that takes place at an adult location so all presenters and attendees must be at least 21 years old.

Nervous about submitting? Don’t be! The Ignite Phoenix audience is the most supportive audience you’ll ever meet. If something turns you on, they’ll be into it with you. For extra protection, we don’t video tape this show and we give you the option to use an alias.

If you’re thinking about submitting, check out the application. It’s quick and painless. And we all have that friend with a unique kink, experience, or belief that belongs on the Ignite Phoenix After Hours stage so tell them to submit too!

If you have any last minute questions, shoot us an email but get your application for Ignite Phoenix After Hours in by Friday, October 10th at 11:59pm!