Who’s ready to rock IPAH3?

Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3 is closing in fast with less than a week until the jaw-dropping event! And look at you with your ticket secured, leather, lace, and feather boa set aside.
For our veteran IPAH-ers, congrats! You’re about to be generously rewarded for your patience in the year you waited for this to return… 
For our IPAH virgins, welcome! We’d love to tell you that you’ll be handled gently and eased into it, but we’d likely be lying. We will tell you that you’re in for an unforgettable evening… and there’s a bar.
Here are the important details so we’re all ready to rock come next Friday:
7340 E Indian Plaza
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Directions to Radius
Doors open at 6 PM (secure a seat & get your drink on)
Show starts at 7 PM
-Valet is available, and we’ve requested they arrive early for our event.
-Galleria Garage: located on N Wells Fargo Ave, between E Stetson Dr and E Shoeman Ln
-Stetson Lot: located on E Stetson Dr, east of N Wells Fargo Ave
Parking Map
Tip: Construction in the area has closed the alleys connecting Shoeman Lane and Indian Plaza; therefore if you park in the garage or lot, you’ll need to walk north along either N Buckboard Trail or N Saddlebag Trail.
You absolutely must have a scannable ticket to gain entry to IPAH. Either bring a printout of your ticket, or make sure it is loaded on the Eventbrite app on your smartphone if you use that.
Can’t use your ticket?
If you can no longer attend the event, don’t worry, several people are already posting on the IPAH Facebook page in need of tickets. You can either respond to them, or post how many tickets you have available, and the best way to contact you.
Tip: you may need to click “Highlights” under the cover photo and then “Posts by Others” to view existing ticket posts.
(un)Dress Code
If you’re wondering about the dress code, stop – there isn’t one for IPAH. The whole ‘private event’ thing means we pretty much get to do as we please! So feel free to wear whatever you want.. from work suit to birthday suit and anything in between. Furry costume? Pasties & vinyl? Neon fishnet? Ass-less chaps? Bring it on.
Food & Drink
Both the pizza kitchen and the bar will be open at 6PM, making it a great time to get there early, unwind from the week, and kick off the festivities in IPAH style!
Radius is a nightclub, so IDs will be checked at the door. Also, there is very limited seating where you can see the show. Seats are first-come, first-grabbed, so we suggest wearing some comfy shoes for both the show and sticking around to dance it up afterwards!
Slideshow Karaoke is back! Sign yourself up, or better yet talk an After Hours virgin into signing up – they’ll love it!
We don’t record presentations at IPAH, and neither should you. While you may see our photographers taking photos during presentations, they should be the only ones.
There isn’t an official after party, but the club opens to the public at 10PM, so you can stay and shake your booty until 2AM (thankfully you’ll be wearing those comfy shoes we talked about)!

IPAH3 – Six Weeks & Counting!

Oh Phoenix, you make us so proud!  While we’ve been busy prepping for Ignite Phoenix After Hours, you’ve been busy submitting topics.  Have you seen the latest submissions?  We’ve got burlesque, a local reality show star, a vanilla sex fetish, the inside scoop on Satan, an anti-snob wine snob, the secret world of lesbians, and a whole lot more!

Medical Love by Simon Pais

Medical Love by Simon Pais

So, where’s your submission?  We know you flirt with controversy, dance on the dark side, and filter yourself in front of grandma.  Get the wheels turning in those pretty little heads of yours, there’s something worthy of a rockstar submission lingering in your psyche.

It doesn’t have to be about sex, drugs, or rock’n’roll (although welcome), it can be about anything.  Seriously, anything. But let’s keep the hate speech and sales pitches out, just because, well, they’re buzz-kills.  And while you’re thinking about your topic, writing your bio and submission, ponder who else might make for an incredible submission.  Then share the info with them – remember, sharing is caring, people!

Inspiration doesn’t happen on command, so head over to our IPAH Facebook page and check out recent discussions to get those creative juices flowing!  Posts in the past week have ranged from body modification and the gay bear community to medical marijuana and regulating human reproduction.  Join the conversation or start one of your own.  It may not be what you ultimately submit on, but you just might trigger an exhilarating idea.

Why the push to submit?  Because the true dynamic of Ignite Phoenix events is in the diversity of topics and speakers.  You all are what make it unforgettable.  It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it; sharing your genuine passion and fascination with a crowd of people excited to hear about it.  Ignite Phoenix After Hours is your chance to educate and stimulate – jump on it!

Important dates to add to your smart phone or old school calendar:


Fasten your seat belts, Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3 is coming!

Plane Crashes & Love Messages by Simon Pais

Plane Crashes & Love Messages by Simon Pais

We’ve teased you for a year, but it’s finally here: the third installment of Ignite Phoenix After Hours, our main show’s risque big sister.  After Hours starts where Ignite Phoenix ends, taking shared passions and quirky obsessions to a whole new level…

You’re still going to get that awesome exchange of ideas, opinions, hobbies, and interests that Ignite Phoenix is all about; we’re just spicing it up!  It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay.  You’ll hear (and see) things that will blow your mind, fluster you, or even rattle those precious opinions of yours.  If you’re into that, even better, we’d love to have you!

Just like Ignite Phoenix, presenters still get just 20 slides and exactly 5 minutes to share their idea on stage, but now the topics can venture into the R to XXX ratings. This show is strictly for the 21 and over crowd.

You’re wondering what you’re going to submit on, aren’t you? Don’t worry you naughty minx, we’ve got you covered!  Those thoughts that you filter and refrain from sharing on conference calls, at PTA meetings, and with the grocery store clerk?  Start there and tell us instead (hey, we’ve all got a dark side).  It doesn’t have to be about sex – but anything unusual you do, anything controversial you believe, or any bizarre experience you’ve had are perfect. And because we naughty minxes stick together, we do not record presentations or require real names… something about not leaving any evidence?

So stop lollygagging and submit your talk idea to After Hours!

Then block out the night of Friday, July 27th, and prepare to terrorize Scottsdale:  we’re taking over Radius again!  Doors open at 6:00 PM, and the feisty festivities start at 7:00 PM.  To stay up to date on submission deadlines, ticket sales, and selected presentations join our IPAH Facebook page and RSVP to the Facebook event, or simply subscribe to our blog.

Let your hair down and grab a cocktail.  Better yet, grab two and double-fist it: this is After Hours we’re talking about!  It’s racy, controversial, and will get your blood pumping!