Announcing the speakers (and tickets!) for After Hours #3!

We’re terrible, really.  We taunted you for a year with the lingering memories of After Hours #2, of dick crocheting, sex toy evolution, slash fiction, and a whole lot more.  Then we teased you for a month with submissions, posting tidbits of things you might hear and see on July 27th.  In the past week, we’ve made you wait in suspense for us to unveil the presenters for After Hours #3.  And we’ll still make you wait until Saturday to buy tickets!

Luckily, we always deliver the goods…

We received 40 submissions (big thanks to every brave submitter, especially those eager-beaver multi-submitters), a record count for an After Hours event!  From those 40, 14 were selected.  In no particular order, your Ignite Phoenix After Hours #3 presentations:

  • Imagine there’s no Heaven – the beauty of a Godless life – Joe Affirmty
  • VAGINA – Msss. Champion
  • With A Little Lust, Drugs & Pixie Dust. – Christina Chapman
  • 8 Sexy Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Burlesque – Jazz Corsette
  • From Mormon Missionary to Agnostic Manwhore – Noah Dyer
  • Bucket List-Paint Playmates at Playboy Mansion…Check – Mark Greenawalt
  • A funny thing happened on the way to the abortion clinic – Oden Hughes
  • Pr0n in the Valley – Beth Hutchens
  • How a Dom/Sub relationship really works – Meghan Krein
  • Medicare Plan D (for dildos): A penetrating look at todays active Senior community – Matt Micheletti
  • Humor: The Salsa in Your Sex Life – Ernesto Moncada
  • Twilight is fucking a lot of things up – Samantha
  • Sodom & Gomorrah – Anal sex isn’t taboo! – TheFabulousOne
  • Bears & Cubs & Otters, Oh My! – Josh Yeager

If you know a presenter, congratulate them & show them some love – if submitting (and agreeing) to speak at an event like this were easy, you’d all be jamming the submission page like you do for tickets!


Speaking of which… tickets go on sale Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday, July 7th, at 10:00am.  Set your alarms for reminders (yes, that’s plural, set a few).  Every show, several people wait or forget, and it’s a bummer when the event sells out.  So maybe bookmark the IPAH ticket site now, huh?  You’ll only be granted entry with a scannable ticket, so print it or get the Eventbrite app for your smartphone.

Remember to check the After Hours Facebook page for all the latest & greatest – we look forward to see you all at Radius on July 27th for another unforgettable evening!

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