Let the countdown begin!

Tickets for After Hours #3 are SOLD OUT!  They went on sale at 10:00am last Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon, the last lingering tickets were snatched up.  That’s pretty impressive, but then again, have you seen the selected topics?  WOW, right?  Not a show to miss!

If you need to get your grubby paws on a ticket (didn’t we tell you to set alarms?) or need to ditch a ticket (can’t fathom why!), we’ve got you covered.  Our Facebook page is the best place to connect with others to exchange tickets!  Post how many tickets you aren’t using, or how many you need, and watch for posts as well.  Tip: you may need to click ‘Highlights’ located under the timeline header, then select ‘Posts by Others’.

Bizarre Live by Spaztacular

Bizarre Live by Spaztacular

Monday night was ‘Presenter Bootcamp’ for the speakers, and they are getting ready to rock your world on the 27th!  We’re pretty sure they’re going about their week mumbling “20 slides, 15 seconds, 5 minutes” to themselves, and we love it!  Show the speakers some love when you have a chance… they’re putting a lot of time, effort, and nerves into their slides and presentations.  It wouldn’t kill you to buy them a round of shots that night, either!

Our team has been working feverishly as After Hours #3 creeps closer.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, the sound quality should be improved from last year, but don’t get all excited thinking it’s going to be theater-quality acoustics, after all Radius is a nightclub designed for “unce unce unce”.  We’re working with the venue to increase seating and staff, to keep you liquored up.  However, it’s still a club, so seating will be extremely limited.  Get there when the doors open at 6pm for your best chance to procure a cushy haven for your tooshie.

Plenty more details as the 27th approaches – only two weeks from today!

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