Who’s in the Mood for Controversy?

If you’re lucky enough to attend Ignite Phoenix #9 tonight, you’ll hear some exciting news: Ignite Phoenix After Hours #2 is officially taking place Friday, July 29, 2011, at Radius Nightclub in Scottsdale.

We all remember IPAH #1. (We did condone drinking, so it might be hazy, but the memory is there, somewhere.) I know you didn’t forget the fisting presentation, and who doesn’t love some nice tits? It was more than just sex, though, right? It was edgy, controversial, and it got you thinking. One of our presenters encouraged you to drink and drive, while another bemoaned his status as maybe-Mexican. If those topics didn’t rattle a few cages, I don’t know what will.

Wait, sure I do. Lemme ruffle your feathers …

  • Comedian Chris Rock once said that black culture is actually detrimental to black people. Really?
  • A number of Americans think guns should be outlawed, across the board, no exceptions. Would a law like this make you feel safe or scared?
  • People should be required to pass an IQ test before being allowed to procreate. This would solve a lot of the world’s problems, wouldn’t it?
  • Angelina Jolie. Is she super hot or super skeletal? As a country, do we worship the almighty eating disorder?
  • There’s more where that came from. We have a lot of edgy controversy in our world, and IPAH is the perfect sounding board for venting your frustrations, opinions, and enlightening anecdotes. We are here as an alternate to Ignite Phoenix. At Ignite, you need to stay below the PG-13 barrier. At IPAH, there is no barrier. We’re R, X, and NC-17, and you love it.

    That said, let’s reiterate the rules for IPAH newbies:

  • You must be 21 and over to present AND attend. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • Your presentation cannot incite hate.
  • Your presentation description should be safe for general consumption … but your presentation can be anything but.
  • If you’re ready to jump in head first, get your presentation together, and we’ll let you know when we’re open to submissions on the SPEAK page. We still have all the submissions from IPAH #1 posted there right now, so if you want some creative inspiration, check ‘em out.

    Submissions will stay open until we say they’re closed. Tickets will go on sale when we say so. We are Phoenix’s version of a fun-loving Big Brother, and we want your ideas, your attention, and your adoration. Mostly, we’re just excited to announce Ignite Phoenix After Hours, Part Deux. Let the games begin …

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