IPAH #2 Presenters Announced

We had some amazing presentation submissions for Ignite Phoenix After Hours #2. Some made me cringe; others made me laugh; and some made me want to know more … just like the fourteen chosen presentations below. (Don’t tell me you don’t want to know more about dick crocheting, okay? I know what you’re like.)

So without further ado, I give you the presenters for IPAH #2:

  • Go Crazy for Art’s Sake. Michelle Burchfield
  • Sex, Booze & Massage Therapy. Shawn Carpenter
  • Sexual Types: Are You a Pit Bull Man or Antelope Woman? Amara Charles
  • Pornography: It’s All In The Title. Brie Copley
  • Strip Clubs Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Sheila Dee
  • Slash Fiction 101: Luke’s Lightsaber, Harry’s Wand & More. Dustin Diehl
  • The Evolution of the Sex Toy. Amy Donohue
  • SOCIETY IS DOOMED! AGAIN! and again and again and… Daniel Messer
  • Choosing to Die: When Suicide Becomes an Option. Jeff Moriarty
  • Cubicle Dweller by Day, Dick Crocheter by Night. Shana Ostrow
  • Polyamory: Yeah It Is All About the Sex! CA Sizemore
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Gays but Were Afraid to Ask. Chad Swaney
  • Parables vs. Facts: Why We Know the Earth is Older than 6000 Years. Evo Terra
  • Burning Man. Shawn Vermillion

You want to see these presentations … which means you have to buy tickets. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (that’s TOMORROW) at noon on the Eventbrite ticket page. Tickets are ten bucks each. You must be twenty-one to attend the July 29th event in Scottsdale.

We would like to thank all the brave people who submitted presentation ideas for IPAH #2. We wish we could have ALL of you on the IPAH stage. Alas … Please keep an eye on the After Hours website for info about IPAH #3 and submissions!

Okay. Presenters, get to work! The rest of you, buy your tickets tomorrow!

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