Wait, Shanna, you’re going to talk about WHAT?

We all remember Shanna Katz’s presentation from Ignite Phoenix After Hours #1. Don’t deny it; she talked about vaginal fisting. I KNOW you remember, okay? So what were the presentation after-effects? Read on …

Shanna Katz (Sick on Sin Studios)

Ignite Phoenix After Hours was my first experience with the whole concept of Ignite. I had a local ASU student email me, telling me she was super excited about the After Hours edition and wanted me to shake it up with some sex positive something-or-rather. As I come from a background of both theatre and creative education, I decided to take up the challenge of submitting a presentation idea … on Vaginal Fisting. In five minutes.

I cannot express how glad I am that I made that plunge. The experience of re-thinking my ninety minute class into only five was a great challenge for an educator, as well as an awesome reminder about what I really wanted to get across to my audience.

The night of, I was nervous. Most people have a skewed idea of what fisting is, and I was worried I was going to be booed off the stage or have some people making rude and crude jokes. Let me tell you; there is nothing in the world like the feeling of having a room full of tipsy people hold up “good fists” and “bad fists” when you tell them. Having watched my video, I loved the crowd’s energy and inter-activity.

IPAH was definitely a different experience than presenting on college campuses or in kink spaces. However, it was one that challenged me as an educator and gave me quite an emotional rush as it happened. I’d absolutely do it again!

Shanna, we would NEVER boo you off stage. That’s just how IPAH people are. We love to support each other, and we love to learn new things. What do you have to share with the IPAH #2 audience? Don’t forget: presentation submissions are due July 1st!

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