A Nasty Case of Glossophobia

The number one fear reported in most national surveys? Public speaking.

Known as “glossophobia,” it’s no joke. Imagine: you’re standing on a tiny stage in front of a couple hundred people. They’re staring at you, waiting to hear you say something terribly clever. Instead, you look down and realize you’re not wearing any pants. Worse yet, you realize you’ve forgotten the terribly clever thing you were going to say.

But the best cure for a fear of public speaking? Public speaking. It’s true! It’s the whole face your fear thing the quacks talk about, and it works wonders. Just remember to wear your pants.

The crowd loves you.

We do our best to sooth the psyches of our presenters. IPAH may be edgy, but we don’t want our presenters on edge. Last night, they took part in a presenter workshop. They received some valuable tips for public speaking, catered specifically to the Ignite Phoenix format and crowd. They’re gonna be fine. They’re gonna do great.

Honestly, an Ignite crowd is a happy crowd—even the dark and dangerous After Hours variety. What’s not to be happy about? On Friday, December 3, we will be packed together in a super-sexy venue, keeping each other warm. We’ll be drinking our drinks of choice, eating some yummy apps, and chatting it up with pals. We’ll be waiting to see the speakers we paid to see! We will be a captive audience. Even if you’re not wearing pants!

If you have a fear of public speaking, Ignite Phoenix / Ignite Phoenix After Hours events are the best sounding board on the planet. The audience is there to embrace you and applaud you. No worries. If you’ve already been picked to speak at IPAH #1, tell yourself you’re going to kick some a$$. If you’re a ticket holder, bring out your clapping hands. And if you suffer from glossophobia, guess you better be ready to submit to IPAH #2.

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