Why After Hours?

You heard about us at Ignite Phoenix 8. Here’s the whole story.

For awhile, Ignite Phoenix has been receiving excellent, intriguing presentation submissions that are way outside the PG-13 boundaries. So what does the Ignite Phoenix team do with these excellent, intriguing presentations? Toss ‘em. We don’t want to, but we have to, because Ignite Phoenix is family-friendly. The tossing of such passionate (and R-rated) presentations hurts. I mean, it really sucks. But what could be the answer?

1. We could change the format of Ignite Phoenix, but why mess with a good thing?
2. We could move on, pretending we don’t get amazing R- and even X-rated submissions.
3. We could create a whole new Ignite Phoenix, designed for the after hours crowd.

Obviously, we opted for item three.

Introducing Ignite Phoenix After Hours, created on the same foundations as Ignite Phoenix but catering to an adult-only crowd. In order to submit, present, or attend, you must be 21 and above. Your topic should focus on your passion, whatever that passion may be (even if mom wouldn’t approve). This is your chance to get in touch with a deeper, edgier side of yourself … and share it with a room full of strangers.

Take a look around the new site. Learn about us, and submit a presentation for the December 3 event. We want presentations that will inspire, shock, and enlighten, with no PG-13 limitation. Welcome to Ignite Phoenix After Hours—your night to touch base with the no-limit, no-fear crowd, living on the metaphorical edge in the Valley of the Sun.

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