You’ve Been Discovered!

Congratulations!  The person who directed you here things you have something amazing to share with the community at Ignite Phoenix After Hours.  We want to hear all about it, but first…

What is Ignite Phoenix After Hours?

So you’ve seen Ignite Phoenix, right? You took your entire family. It was a safe place to learn about what inspires people, and in turn, you were inspired. You thought of some of the presentations for days, and you couldn’t wait for the next event.

We needed something different, though, for people to talk about the things that are whispered. A place where grown-ups could talk about grown-up things, without a filter. People clamored for something risqué, unique, out-of-the-box, uncomfortable. , Enter…Ignite Phoenix After Hours.

This is a 21+ event. There are a few reasons for that. The presentations are NC-17 to X (seriously, there have been some XXX slides!). Mostly, though, we wanted to give people a platform to be open, even use a pseudonym, to educate an adult crowd about adult things.

Some past topics include:

  • Fisting
  • The Evolution of the Sex Toy
  • How to take the best dick pic
  • The culture of Burning Man
  • Mental Orgasms
  • Choosing to Die
  • From Mormon Missionary to Agnostic Manwhore

…and many, many more that your kids don’t need to see.

Get the gist? We want your submissions on anything you CAN’T talk about at the water cooler at work, at least not out loud. Do you know someone who is overly enthusiastic about something that you don’t forget, but that you think everyone would love to hear about? Ask them to submit.

Each presenter gets 5 minutes to speak. No more, no less. It really IS exactly 5 minutes. And, 20 slides. You’ll see many different people, and hear about many different things. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry.

The best part? If you don’t like a presentation, another one starts in less than 5 minutes. Make no mistake, though: IPAH will still leave you inspired. You’ll be thinking of what you saw for days. Heck, we still talk about IPAH #1, and that was quite a few years ago!

I’m Sold…When is the Next One and How Do I Apply?

You can find details about the next After Hours on the Attending page.

To apply to present, just tell us a little bit about you and your topic and why it’s important on our submission form.

What am I Getting Into if I’m Selected?

We’re excited that you’re interested in participating, but keep in mind that Ignite Phoenix does take some effort. If you submit an idea, you’re committing to doing the following:

  • Speak about your topic for five minutes in front of a crowd
  • Create a 20-slide presentation to support your talk
  • Attend a 2-hour presenter training session before the event
  • Arrive at the event a few hours before showtime
  • Avoid pitching or advertising for a product or business (including your own)
  • Abide by our Privacy Policy