What Did We Learn?

Shawn Vermillion owns a white, fur top hat and matching ensemble? Yes.
Brie Copley once searched for “guineapigs.com” and found something unexpected? Yes.
Shana Ostrow can send me a crocheted fetus? You betcha.

We also learned that we may be outgrowing our venue. (We can’t help being popular.) We learned that we don’t really need microphones to make life easier. (They often make life more difficult, in fact.) We furthermore learned that talking to strangers is really easy when someone on stage is talking about strip clubs. (Well, that’s what I learned, at least.)

Another Ignite Phoenix After Hours has come and gone. Next time, there will be a #3 beyond the letters, “I-P-A-H.” By then, new Phoenicians will have heard about us. You will invite different people—friends, who after hearing about IPAH #2 will say, “What? People talk about that in public? I have to go!” It’ll be a year from now, so who knows? Maybe you will be different, too. Maybe you will be a presenter next time around …

We have some time to wait and work before the next Ignite Phoenix After Hours, and to you, dear reader, I issue a call to action. I’m serious. If you know anyone—anyone who is different, interesting, or possibly insane—I challenge you to ask them to submit for the next IPAH. We are the lucky many, who already know about Ignite Phoenix and its edgy pal, After Hours.

There are those in the Valley who have never heard of Ignite, let alone the R-rated version. They need to hear about it. They need to understand there is unquenchable passion in Phoenix. There’s no need to hide in the shadows with your own unconventional opinions; there’s a whole crowd of people who want to hear from YOU and applaud YOU. It’s time to reach out to new demographics, and over the course of the next year, we’d love to hear your suggestions at ignitephoenix@gmail.com.

But don’t forget: we also want you to spread the word to the people you admire, who should be part of the inspiring community known as “Ignite Phoenix.”

Will I make it a life goal to hit up Burning Man? Yes.
Will I check out some Harry-Draco slash fiction? Probably.
Will I shamelessly ask my gay friends for salon referrals? Damn straight.

I don’t know about you, but I feel lucky to be a part of the Ignite community. I challenge you to spread the love to others … especially if those “others” don’t mind throwing some f-bombs around and ESPECIALLY if those “others” are not easily offended. Thank you, Phoenix, for another wonderful event. See you next year!

PS: The next Ignite Phoenix is October 28, 2011. Check out the website for more info.
PSS: Pics are up from IPAH #2 on Flickr. Go see!