Submissions for Ignite Phoenix After Hours #1

Below are the submissions for the first Ignite Phoenix After Hours, which was held on December 3rd, 2010. If you would like to submit an idea for the next After Hours event, visit our submission page.

How Rock ‘n’ Roll is Done
Presenter/Alias Nicholas DiBiase
Biography Music freak, composer, guitar slinger, design advocate. Unique modern sounds and visuals with Hepnova and carrying the rock ‘n’ roll torch with Rocketship.
Description Rock ‘n’ roll is a feeling and a practice both. There are specific elements that are essential if one wishes to successfully achieve rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not as obvious as one might think; this talk is a secret gris-gris that opens Legba’s gate to show the inner works of this pure American reality.

The Dead: Zombies & Our Fascination & Love of the Dead
Presenter/Alias Victor Moreno
Biography Illustrator & full time freelance graphic designer & web developer. I received my B.A. in English & History from UCLA in 2002 and my J.D. from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University in 2008. I am the artist coordinator for Desert Bloom Phoenix at Gangplank & arts & design advocate at large.
Description For the last 3 years, couples, children & people of all ages have come to my booth at various art events & had me take their picture & sketch them as a zombie. For reasons from wanting to continue their passion in life to the afterlife to wanting to feel powerful, they’ve trusted me to sketch them as an undead monster. Thru my photos, I’ll share what Ive learned from turning people into zombies & why we’re so fascinated with the idea of a murderous afterlife of mayhem for ourselves beyond this mortal coil.

The Lost 9/11 TAPES You Didn’t Know Existed
Presenter/Alias Trace Richardson
Biography My name is Trace Richardson and I am the founder of LeadPress and an entrepreneur specializing in technology, web design and lead generation. I’m a licensed California Real Estate broker and a former equities trader previously holding the Series 7, 63, 55 and 24 securities licenses.
Description On the night of September 11, 2001, I used my Wall Street credentials to get past military barricades and filmed the area surrounding Ground Zero. Three people have seen the footage and no footage like this exists anywhere. This is my story about my 9/11 experience with lost 9/11 footage unlike any that has ever been shown before.

The Secret Lyrics of Steely Dan
Presenter/Alias Kevin Maxwell
Biography Technology Shepherd at large. Helping SMB’s find efficiencies by applying technology to their existing processes.
Description The rock duo of Donald Fagan and Walter Becker, better known as Steely Dan, has been making hit records for over forty years. Find out all of the unusual cultural references, hidden lyrical puns and obscure meanings contained in their music. Some of which is highly sexual and almost always contains references to the drug culture.

Faith Isn’t Sacred
Presenter/Alias Alexander Cherry
Biography Alexander Cherry is an iconoclast and contrarian, a poet and performer, a hypnotist and a game designer, and a cancer survivor.
Description “It is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.” In this presentation, I will explore the usefulness of doubt, of denial, and touch on some topics where an absence of doubt (and a presence of faith) has been harmful.

Queen Bitch: Ayn Rand And The Truimph Of Greed
Presenter/Alias Ashley Naftule
Biography I’m a playwright, a contributing writer for the Phoenix New Times & AZKaos, as well as a writer for the monthly Spaceship Phx and First Friday Night Live shows happening at the Firehouse. I’m also a student of improv and the occult, a music nut, a bookseller, and dance machine.
Description Some people say “Greed Is Good”, and are more willing to trust corporations than governments. As an anarchist, I trust neither. Let me explain the dangerous ideology that puts profit motive over human rights and the people who inspired it (like Madam Rand) that has made businesses just as much an enemy of human liberation as the state.

A Brief History of Pornographic Videogames
Presenter/Alias Adam ‘Pi’ Birch
Biography Adam Burch is a man who plays way to many videogames, for way to long periods of time. He is a student, a designer, and most of all, a gamer.
Description Pornography and videogames; the great corrupters of youth. From the piss-poor pixels of Custards Revenge, to the overwrought CG of a modern hentai game, pornography and videogames have intersected in sometimes baffling, sometimes, creepy, but always awesome ways.

It Started With A Wink – But I should Have Killed You
Presenter/Alias Msss. Bonaca Jive
Biography Msss. Bonaca Jive likes to rabble rouse and laugh until things spew from her nose. Though she does indeed secretly pick her nose while driving, some people would still say she’s kinda sexy. She owns her own power tools and also knows how to weld. Cussing into microphones is a favorite past time, as is singing show tunes with cab drivers.
Description As a single mom in my prime, but too young to be an official “cougar,” I decided to delve into the horrific world of online dating. Reality is ALWAYS stranger than fiction. Learn from my broken “man picker.” Hear the tales of horror.

Introducing… Lenny Bruce
Presenter/Alias Tim Giron
Biography Computer programmer by day (and often night), sporadic writer when the mood strikes, zombie aficionado.
Description I discovered Lenny Bruce 20 years ago in a very roundabout way. Digging deeper into his legacy via movies, recordings and books, I found a very interesting and very entertaining individual who spoke his mind and often got into trouble for it. I will introduce you to this pioneer of free speech, and you’ll likely hear a few “dirty” words, too!

Good Lessons learned from Movies
Presenter/Alias Midnite Movie Mamacita
Biography I love bad movies and I show them for a living! Currently creating a Community Cinema/Repertory House as a permanent home for my programming alter ego the Midnite Movie Mamacita.
Description I show bad movies for a living, and in doing so I’ve noticed plenty of “good lessons” that bad movies teach. I seek to explore these lessons and share them so that future generations can benefit from Bad Movies!

Sustainability is NOT a 4-Letter Word – Wake UP Phoenix
Presenter/Alias Ms. Stacey Champion
Biography I am a mom, writer, speaker, environmental consultant for my company Champion Indoors, and host of a monthly Phoenix event called Rogue Green. Phoenix has been my home for the past 12 years, and I’m committed to helping shape the urban core into what it should/could be – even if that sometimes means I need to be a little feisty and outspoken. My motto is “World change begins at home.” Let me inspire you.
Description The City of Phoenix seems to enjoy throwing the term “SUSTAINABLE” around like a teenage prom queen who’s spent too much time hanging out by the keg doing beer bongs. Look at MY vision of what our City could do if it chose to step up and be a leader. My vision can inspire you to demand change and incite momentum for this needed change to occur. To share this in an unaltered way – refreshing and humorous for all involved!

Rectum- nearly killed them
Presenter/Alias Terry Simpson
Biography Surgeon
Description Things that I’ve taken out of people’s rectums –

A collection of poems, stories, and dildos

The Art of Burlesque
Presenter/Alias Christy Zandlo
Biography Pyra Sutra: Co Founder/Artistic Director of Scandalesque. The show is a burlesque and cabaret show with a vaudevillian aesthetic; consisting of live singing dancing and outlandish variety acts. Pyra’s roots come from a long line of entertaining in the valley, her uncle Louis founded Legend City. A theme park that had vaudeville entertainment.
Description With the movie “burlesque” coming out; nows a good time to be on the “bandwagon”.

Not Mexican Enough – or – a son of a bastard searches for identity
Presenter krysvs
Biography I’m a proud husband and father, a musician and freelance marketing/video guy in phx. I’m kinda Mexican… and kinda not. My daughters call my father “Abuelo” and I occasionally refer to them as “mija” but our last name is Dutch. My mom prefers Cinco de Mayo over mother’s day… but she’s French Canadian. So… just kinda Mexican.
Description Almost a native to the Valley, I’ve always had friends and extended family with ties to Mexico, but found myself feeling boringly white… Until I found out about my Grandmother’s scandalous affair with a Mexican preacher. Can I claim Mexican heritage? When the census form arrived this year, I didn’t really know how to answer. Am I Mexican enough?

Why you should be comfortable with your naked body (no matter how you look!)
Presenter/Alias Wendy Coneybeer
Biography I am a not-so-skinny freelancing blogger with a deep interest in Psychology and relationship issues. Yes, I’m quite comfortable with my own naked body, as well as others.
Description Nobody has the perfect body. And what is “perfect” anyway? Too many men & woman are self conscious. No matter how skinny or large, young or old, furry or hairless you are (or any other reason you might want to turn the lights out when things get hot), here’s why should should leave ’em on, hold your head high, and be confident about yourself.

Things a Teacher Could Say to Get Him Fired
Presenter/Alias Mack Duncan
Biography Mack Duncan is an educator, actor, director, improvisor, puppeteer and an award winning film maker. He is a co-founder of The Torch Theatre and the creator of the web series “Vincent and Me.”
Description Teacher’s love their students. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student learn and grow; but some of these little angels just take up space and suck up my oxygen. Now, for the first time, hear the uncensored thoughts of what a high school teacher is REALLY thinking.

Vincent & Me: The Best Show You’re Not Watching
Presenter/Alias Vincent
Biography Vincent is a large, furry, blue… Canadian. He lives in Arizona with his roommate, Mack Duncan, who is an educator, writer, director, actor, improvisor, puppeteer and film maker. Duncan is also a co-founder of Phoenix’s Torch Theatre. Vincent and Mack co-star in the web series “Vincent & Me.”
Description “Vincent & Me” explores the on going battle between id, ego and super-ego… as well as porn, drinking, gambling and hookers. With the support of Mack Duncan, Vincent will tell you all about his life as a carefree heavy drinkin’, over-eating, cyborg building, porn lovin’, whore chasing “Canadian” (please don’t tell him he’s a puppet).

Go Crazy for Art’s Sake
Presenter/Alias Michelle Burchfield
Biography I’m an actor, writer, director, performance artist, and longform improv student. I have bipolar disorder I, with a secondary diagnosis of OCD. I like saying “yes” to things that scare me.
Description Acknowledging and exploring madness can boost creativity. How historical figures used their mental uniqueness to their benefit, and how you can, too.
Cantaloupe, Cropping & Kegel Exercises
Presenter/Alias Annie
Biography I make greeting cards (some inappropriate ones), and I really care about what’s going on down there.
Description You may work out, eat right, and keep up with your personal grooming, but are you paying the same attention to one of the places that needs it most? Cantaloupe, Cropping & Kegel Exercises provides a girl’s guide to a rockin’ vagina.

Let’s Make Arizona Shitty, Together!
Presenter/Alias Brandon Willey
Biography I’ve always been dissatisfied with the way things are. The future fascinates me, drives me. The past holds not my interest except as a flowing textbook of the culture, technology, religion, economics, and politics that have shaped the present and influence the future. The present is the opportunity to transform.
Description Hey, look, we all want to put a stop to this illegal immigration crap right? Forget giant fences, border security, and white guys with guns, let’s all work together to make this great Copper, Cotton, and Citrus-ridden State of ours the worst place to live in the Southwest.

Maybe, though, just maybe, there’s actually a better way.

Massage 101 – The Real Rub on Massage, Unfiltered & Authentic
Presenter/Alias Massage 101
Biography I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and work within the Spa Industry and a private practice. I am passionate about Massage, Health & Well-Being. I practice Yoga, Climb and Hike on a regular basis because it is much more enjoyable than Working-Out.
Description The idea is quite simple, every single human being needs a little TLC. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to communicate that or to allow themselves to feel good. Massage is often viewed as sensual, when in reality, Athletes, MD’s, Hair Stylists, CPA’s, Lawyers, etc. all get massage regularly. Hoping to share an insiders view of massage.

Presenter/Alias Nin(j)a
Biography I’m a designer and a performer. I think people should swear more.
Description Some words make people angry. Like, REALLY angry.
Having so much power built into a series of letters is an immense burden on a culture. Limits on language create an environment of censored thoughts and ideas. I would like to look at the history and use of this one powerful word through the lens of a feminist, and how we might diffuse that power.

Need a Hand? Vaginal Fisting for 1 and all!
Presenter/Alias Shanna Katz
Biography Shanna Katz is a professional sexuality educator, professional pervert, writer & the like with a Master’s in Human Sexuality Educator. She identifies as a kinky, disabled, queer fierce Femme dyke…who loves cats & helping people learn about sexuality.
Description Fisting is one of those words that makes people say “ooooh” – sometimes in an “I’m so excited about that” way, and other times in a “you want me to put WHAT in my WHERE?” type of reaction. Learn about what vaginal fisting is, how to introduce it into your relationships, what you need to think about in regards to safety, and more.

Sh*t My Grandma Says
Presenter/Alias The Granddaugter
Biography I’m a twenty-something, single woman who – thanks to “hard times” – has spent the last 18 months living with her brutally honest, extremely British grandma.

This qualifies she and I both for sainthood.

Description Growing up, my grandparents raised me. My grandma and I – both stubborn, feisty, women – fought like crazy. When I was 18, I moved out with the promise to myself that I would never move back home EVER for the sake of everyone’s sanity. Life had other plans…

18 months, 3 layoffs, 1 push-up bra, a few dozen hangovers and walks of shame, and one pregnancy test later… I think she has learned some very valuable lessons and grown tremendously as a person.

Titties Through the Ages
Presenter/Alias Evo Terra
Biography I like titties. I’m Evo Terra. Professional public speaker, frequent Igniter, digital business strategist and all around super nice guy. I run #evfn, the longest running and coolest Friday-night hangout organized with social media. I’m the founder of & have two published books in the “for Dummies” series. Oh, and I like titties.
Description Titties (breasts, if you prefer) are givers of life, objects of beauty & cornerstones of art. Yet tittles have been destroyers of culture, inciters of lust, & cause for shame. The understanding of civilizations’ obsession or abhorrence with titties is uniquely expressed through artistic representation & how that has changed over time.

Fuckin’ Asthma
Presenter/Alias spellwight
Biography I’m a middle-aged divorcee with a great sense of humor. I’m also a podcast producer and a volunteer in a couple of the local social get-togethers.
Description The trials and tribulations of dealing with severe asthma and the difficulties it presents with your sex life. What every normal breathing person should keep in mind when attempting a one-night-stand with an asthmatic. It can be done.

Do Drink & Drive!
Presenter/Alias Michael Cady
Biography Own a computer retail business in town, live in Scottsdale, hang-out in old town a lot…. used to host a radio program and still do occasional TV work for Channel 12.
Description I agree “Drunk Driving” is a serious issue. However drinking and driving is less of a threat than old ladies on pain pills, sleep deprived truckers, and plain ol’ uncoordinated idiots. Alcohol is being portrayed as evil more and more lately – this is hurting the general public, business, and wasting police resources…

Marry For Money, or Marry Me Instead
Presenter/Alias Mack Duncan
Biography Mack Duncan is a teacher, writer, actor, director, improvisor, puppeteer, and award winning film maker. He is a founding member of The Torch Theatre and creator of the web series “Vincent and Me” (
Description The true story of love won, lost, won again, and ultimately lost. The story of love, sex, friendship, betrayal and a girl who really does marry for money. A story worthy of soap operas, bad reality TV, and a Julia Roberts movie. It’s all true, and it all happened to me.

An Expressway To Your Skull: Strange Visions, Infernal Machines, And You
Presenter/Alias Ashley Naftule
Biography I’m a playwright, a contributing writer for the Phoenix New Times & AZKaos, as well as a writer for the monthly Spaceship Phx and First Friday Night Live shows happening at the Firehouse. I’m also a student of improv and the occult, a music nut, a bookseller, and dance machine.
Description Altered states. There are many ways to achieve them, quite a few through illegal (though fun) means. But there are also ways of inducing visions and scrambling your brain that are perfectly legal and easy to cobble together and indulge in in the comfort of your own home. The Dream Machine, a device invented by William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, & Ian Sommerville, is one such chemical-free shortcut to strange visions. This presentation will discuss the history of such alternative methods of tripping and how to build them using simple household materials.