Dick crocheting, strip clubs, and midget porn … OH MY!

But it wasn’t just about sex last night, was it? Collectively, we learned something, and it wasn’t always easy to swallow. (Get it? Heh, heh …) It’s good to learn new things. It’s good to step outside our comfort zones. I think we all had moments of shock last night. We had moments of awkward discomfort. We also had moments of enlightenment, and that is what it’s all about.

The Ignite Phoenix After Hours crew would like to thank a handful of folks for a job well done and well appreciated.

FIRST: The presenters. We (literally) couldn’t do this show without you. We appreciate your amazing bravery for getting up on stage and putting yourself out there. We can’t thank you enough … and we hope to see you at IPAH #3!

SECOND: Thanks to our Ignite volunteers and crew. You don’t only move furniture; you give this event a name and a face. Your enthusiasm, patience, and passion keep Ignite going. We hope to continue inspiring our Valley of the Sun, but we could not do so without your support. Thank you. As always, you did a great job!

THIRD: The sponsors!!!
Evening Entertainment Group for hosting us at Radius Nightclub.
(And what wonderful hosts you were!)
Splinter Creative for the gorgeous programs.
(What would we do without your powers of design?)
Brand X for the t-shirts.
(You keep us lookin’ hot.)
Victor Moreno for the outstanding t-shirt design.
(We loved our t-shirts ahhhhhh!!)

IN CONCLUSION: Thank you, Valley of the Sun. Thank you for coming out and supporting Ignite Phoenix After Hours. We are here to inspire you. We hope we did our jobs last night. We also hope you will consider submitting presentations for an upcoming Ignite event. For more info about what’s next, check out http://ignitephoenix.com/.

Furthermore, if you have feedback on IPAH #2, we want to hear about it. Your preferences help us shape and mold future events, so if you do not speak, you will not be heard. Send comments to ignitephoenix@gmail.com. Please, let us know how we did … and we’ll see you at Ignite Phoenix 11.

Oh, and did I mention: THANK YOU, PHOENIX!!!!!

IPAH #2 Night-of Event Details

Are you excited? We sure are. You’ve seen the list of presenters and their presentations in an earlier post. This is bound to be a rather… inspiring evening (wink, wink). We’re less than a week away from the July 29th event, and we want to make sure you know what you’ve signed up for.

Night of Details for IPAH #2, Friday, July 29th.
Time and Location: 7 PM, Radius Night Club in Scottsdale.
(DOORS OPEN AT 6 PM. Not a moment before.)
Directions: HERE. (Radius will open to the public at 10 PM, but you’re welcome to stick around and party the night away!)

Event Parking.
There are three parking options near Radius:
1. The Galleria Garage: 4343 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ. Just south of Radius at the corner of Shoeman and Wells Fargo Ave.
2. The Stetson Lot: 7375 Stetson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ. Slightly farther south of Radius on Stetson between Civic Center Plaza and Wells Fargo Ave.
3. Street Parking: There is quite a bit of street parking available in the area.
(For additional info, visit http://www.scottsdaledowntown.com/GettingAround.aspx.)

Radius is a NIGHT CLUB.
Ignite Phoenix After Hours is for the 21 and older crowd, so if you’re hoping to bring a date under the age of 21, you’ll have to go solo or find another date. Radius Night Club is literally A CLUB. You must bring your ticket and an ID to get inside. Do not forget either, or you’ll be left standing outside, your ear to the door, hearing whispers of words like “breast,” “striptease,” and “threesome.” Do not let that happen to you.

Tony the Misfit on flickr

The State of Undress.
Considering this is an R-rated event, if you want to wear leather pants and a corset, go for it. Have some kinky role-play wear or a furry costume you’re read to bust out? More power to you. Just know that seating is extremely limited, so wear your comfy thigh high boots … or your Converse.

Don’t Fear the Karaoke.
Karaoke from the last After Hours event was hilarious, and because we know how much everyone loves it, we’re holding it again at intermission. If you want to participate, find someone in an IPAH t-shirt prior to the show. He/she will point you to a signup sheet. If you don’t want to participate, you’re out of luck, because we’ll find you.

Unable to Attend?
Unable to attend Friday night? No worries. We’ll miss you, but let us know that you have an extra ticket because we have a waiting list of eager After Hours fans. Feel free to touch base on Twitter or Facebook.

Now that the official stuff is out of the way, let me post this reminder: you have less than a week to prepare your mind, body, and … ur … any other part you need to prepare for IPAH #2. It’s Ignite Phoenix After Hours time, people. Time to support your pals and fellow Phoenicians! See you Friday!

IPAH #2 Presenters Announced

We had some amazing presentation submissions for Ignite Phoenix After Hours #2. Some made me cringe; others made me laugh; and some made me want to know more … just like the fourteen chosen presentations below. (Don’t tell me you don’t want to know more about dick crocheting, okay? I know what you’re like.)

So without further ado, I give you the presenters for IPAH #2:

  • Go Crazy for Art’s Sake. Michelle Burchfield
  • Sex, Booze & Massage Therapy. Shawn Carpenter
  • Sexual Types: Are You a Pit Bull Man or Antelope Woman? Amara Charles
  • Pornography: It’s All In The Title. Brie Copley
  • Strip Clubs Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Sheila Dee
  • Slash Fiction 101: Luke’s Lightsaber, Harry’s Wand & More. Dustin Diehl
  • The Evolution of the Sex Toy. Amy Donohue
  • SOCIETY IS DOOMED! AGAIN! and again and again and… Daniel Messer
  • Choosing to Die: When Suicide Becomes an Option. Jeff Moriarty
  • Cubicle Dweller by Day, Dick Crocheter by Night. Shana Ostrow
  • Polyamory: Yeah It Is All About the Sex! CA Sizemore
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Gays but Were Afraid to Ask. Chad Swaney
  • Parables vs. Facts: Why We Know the Earth is Older than 6000 Years. Evo Terra
  • Burning Man. Shawn Vermillion

You want to see these presentations … which means you have to buy tickets. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (that’s TOMORROW) at noon on the Eventbrite ticket page. Tickets are ten bucks each. You must be twenty-one to attend the July 29th event in Scottsdale.

We would like to thank all the brave people who submitted presentation ideas for IPAH #2. We wish we could have ALL of you on the IPAH stage. Alas … Please keep an eye on the After Hours website for info about IPAH #3 and submissions!

Okay. Presenters, get to work! The rest of you, buy your tickets tomorrow!

Submissions are Closed for IPAH #2

She forgot to submit to IPAH #2. (drothamel on flickr)

Submissions for IPAH #2 are now closed. Sorry if you missed your opportunity at greatness … but there’s always next time, right? You can see a full list of IPAH #2 submissions HERE.

We will announce the official list of those who made the cut on Friday, July 8th, right here on the blog. Keep an eye out.

And don’t forget: tickets go on sale Saturday, July 9th, at NOON. Here’s a link to the ticket page. BE READY! They sell out FAST!

See you July 29th in Scottsdale!