36 Hours and Your Chance at Awesomeness is OVER

You now have thirty-six hours to submit a presentation to Ignite Phoenix After Hours 2. If you weren’t aware of this, where have you been? It’s time to think. Think! What do you have to share with your fellow Phoenician? What amazingly crazy thing happened to you that one time? What creepy coincidence changed your whole life? Or hey, why think so grandly? Think small, if you gotta.

Here’s a list of words to get your brain in overdrive …

Road Rage
Capital Punishment
Prayer in Public Schools (including the Pledge of Allegiance)
Literary Censorship
Social Ethics (or the lack thereof)
Political Correctness
Sex Education in Schools

Seriously, there are so many controversial issues out there that deserve discussion. Have a personal feeling about one of them that you’d like to share? Then get to it today!!! Thirty-six hours are left; after that, your chance at IPAH greatness will have passed until IPAH #3. You don’t want to wait that long for your next chance, do you?

You know the drill. We need:
Your name (or pseudonym)
Your bio
Your presentation description

Remember the rules:
You must be 21 and over to present AND attend.
Your presentation cannot incite hate.
Your presentation description should be safe for general consumption; your presentation can be anything but.

Now get your thinking cap on and head to the Speak page to submit your presentation. (Presenters for IPAH #2 will be announced Friday, July 8.) Thirty-six hours left! Tell your friends! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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