So you haven’t sent your presentation submission for Ignite Phoenix After Hours #2 yet. Why? You have something important to say, don’t you? You’d be great in front of a live audience. So what’s the problem? Lemme guess …

You’re worried your submission won’t wow us.

But I'm SCARED to submit!!!! (artindeepkoma on Flickr)

It’s a realistic concern. After all, the competition is tough. There are plenty of interesting people in Phoenix, and they’re all competing for the same IPAH slot. I’m here to give you some pointers to make your presentation submission awesome. Well, technically, Evo Terra is here. We’re recycling an old Ignite Phoenix post of his to remind you what’s important as you get ready to bare your heart, soul, and possibly other body parts to the Valley of the Sun. Here it is: an abridged version of “5 Reasons Why Your Submission to Ignite Phoenix Sucks,” from Evo …

1. Your biography is twice as long as the description of your talk.
Look, I’m sure you are a fascinating person. Your bio clearly indicates that at least one person thinks you are. And as much as this presentation is about you, it’s a LOT more about what you are going to speak on.

2. Your description doesn’t describe much.
Now isn’t the time to be esoteric or mysterious. Now is the time to clearly demonstrate what you know. Perhaps more importantly, it’s the time to demonstrate what you will be sharing with the audience. Avoid asking questions. Strive to give answers.

3. You’re obviously trying to sell something.
I admit I have a bias against people just looking for an opportunity to pitch me the latest and greatest thing they offer — free or not. … Do try and indicate what is so special about your product or service if you must pitch it. And remember — I’m a skeptical cynic.  Yeah, I suck at Christmas.

4. Your focus is too narrow.
A wide group of people attend Ignite Phoenix. They have wide interests. Few want to hear a talk on the superiority of the Blue Diode over the Red. Yes, I made that up. But some submissions seem that way. Don’t go for the deep dive on a topic. Find something unique and interesting about the Blue Diode that appeals to someone who doesn’t have a Master’s Degree in Material Science. You know, like 95% of the room?

5. There’s no pizazz.
If your description of your talk is boring… we’ll assume you are boring. We’re probably wrong and you’re of the more fascinating humans to have mastered heel-to-toe walking — but how would we know? While you’re focusing on the first four, remember that this last one is the icing on the cake. And it can be the one to put you one step ahead.

There you go—all you need to know to turn in a shockingly awesome presentation submission. So now, what are you waiting for? Sit down, write your submission, and submit HERE. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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